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About Us

Our Methodology 

How do we pick online casinos to feature?  

Our process takes into consideration the alarming fact that an estimated half of all online reviews are fake and purchased to artificially boost reputation. We feature online casinos based, majorly on website traffic data we obtain using analytical tools: only online casinos with a steady stream of web traffic are featured on CasinoGuy.com.  

This process reduces the influence of fake reviews (traffic data is harder to fake)  and ensures all the online gaming sites featured on our portal are patronized by actual, paying customers like yourself.  

Dealing with new casinos  

CasinoGuy.com deals exclusively with reputable online casinos with a steady flow of web traffic. Before adding a new website to our catalog, such a brand must have garnered enough goodwill in the court of public opinion. Over time, we update our website to keep up with newcomers. 

Independent Reportage  

CasinoGuy.com is not owned by any casino or gambling site – guaranteeing our reporting and listings are without undue influence. Our goal is to help visitors choose an online casino service that meets the lofty standards they desire.  

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