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Cloudbet took its first ever wager in October 2013; 0.12 BTC (worth just $24 at that time) was placed on Korea’s K-League (soccer) - it won. We’d like to thank that first player for trusting Cloudbet; there have been over 6.5 million wagers in our sportsbook since, including plenty more winners, who we’ve happily paid out in bitcoin, contributing to the amazing growth of Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream.

Our customers continue to play with Cloudbet because we have built a site that meets the needs of the growing number of gamblers who appreciate the advantages of Bitcoin over traditional fiat operators.

When Cloudbet was launched back in October 2013 it was the first major site that enabled users to bet on sports with bitcoin. Our mission was to address the shortcomings of fiat bookmakers by leveraging the power of bitcoin in an intuitive platform - we wanted (and still strive) to provide ‘the easiest way to bet with bitcoin.’

At that time BTC was trading at just $200 and awareness of crypto’s huge potential was limited to early adopters. Understanding the grassroots nature of Bitcoin (Cloudbet’s founder was inspired by Satoshi’s white paper to build a payment engine) there was unanimous agreement among the small startup team that the only way to gain meaningful traction and feedback on the product was to announce Cloudbet in Bitcoin’s most active community - bitcointalk.org.