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Welcome to Coolbet and our own-developed gaming site and sportsbook software. Coolbet is a brand owned by the Estonian company Stay Cool OÜ, with registration code 12814989. Coolbet has an Estonian license that is regulated for both Estonian and non-Estonian customers. The head office is located centrally in Tallinn and we are currently 140 employees.

Coolbet strive to be fair, personal and open with information that you hardly will find on any other gaming site. Coolbet aims to improve the knowledge our customers have for online gaming. We will continue to focus on product development and innovation, and set new standards for responsible gaming.

Maybe you wonder about our name, Coolbet. It was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, it is short and almost impossible to forget. And secondly, we want our customers to stay cool and bet responsibly. The latter is also the point in our tagline: Stay Cool. Bet Responsibly.

Coolbet has a very experienced staff and management. Total years of online gaming experience in the management group is over 90 years!