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Metal Casino has been created by a tight team of casino colleagues and metal lovers. Between us, we’ve spent over 30 years in music, gaming and tech companies – some of the biggest and most successful in the world, including Universal, Roadrunner, Spotify, Microsoft, Apple and Mr Green. We breathe music, gaming and technology, but what we love is Metal. That’s why we decided to take our joint head-banging sessions to a new level and create some real magic: Metal Casino – the best of two worlds. Sounds like a cliché? Maybe, but it’s also a mission and a dream. And believe us when we say, we’re as committed to making this baby into a monster as any other new band out there. Our suits are branded T-shirts and black denim and the only rings you’ll catch us wearing is a grinning silver skull on our middle fingers.

So, what makes Metal Casino a tough act to follow for other online casinos out there? We offer the world’s most popular slots, fast payments and real live-music experiences. With us, you can get rich and win up-close-and-personal moments with some of the heaviest names in Metal. We’re more than freespins – because all rockers who love gaming deserve a worthy stage. If this sounds good, then join us and share the rush!