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Who is Mr Green? No one really knows the whole story about his background, no one except Mr Green himself of course.

Mr Green prefers a life outside the spotlight, but by no means is he a hermit. He loves adventure and entertainment alongside all the good things life has to offer and always conducts himself with the integrity of a gentleman.

If there is something our co-workers know about this mysterious philanthropist it is that Mr Green indeed is a true gentleman. As a company we maintain his values regarding honesty and justice, entertainment and excitement as well as that little extra we all need. Last but not least we know that Mr Green wants us all, co-workers and gamblers alike, to feel like a part of his big green happy family!

Mr Green standing, The gentleman in Green – our vision and mission

Mr Green knows that it takes more than a suit to be a gentleman. A true gentleman knows that appearance is only a small part of the being overall. “Manners make the man” as someone once said. It is manners and grace that distinguish a gentleman from a simple man. Mr Green values politeness, respect, integrity and taking your own responsibility. As humble as he is, Mr Green always extends a hand to those in need.

Mr Green always acts according to his gentleman’s code, he keeps his calm in every situation and always keeps his promises. He gladly learns new things every day and keeps exciting and inspiring art as well as innovation close to his heart. We can also find Mr Green’s characteristics in the company’s vision and mission.

Our vision has always been to contribute with innovation and creativity in our pioneering role as shapers of tomorrows iGaming world.

How do we achieve this? Our mission is clear – we offer first class gaming experiences where we put the customers experience first. We always care about you and your integrity and your safety is a priority in the environment we like to call “Green Gaming”

We constantly strive towards developing and implementing a new and better functionality for your safety as a gambler. We were one of the first companies to do so on the Swedish and Nordic market.

To encourage caution to our customers by putting limitations on how much money you can transfer and making a budgeting system you can control how much you can gamble before you are cut off. Our conscious investment in gambling responsibility was put to practice the same year we launched in 2008 and has become even better with time, appreciated by customers and staff alike.

During autumn 2017 a new high-tech system was launched for green gaming. By analysing your actual gambling behaviors in combination with your own perception of your gambling, the tool’s algorithms will give you specific information about when your habits may be becoming unhealthy. Again, we were the first company to give our customers this extraordinary ability to become aware of their potential gambling addiction.