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We first opened our doors to the public just before the new millennium, and since then we’ve attracted the custom of more than a million players from all corners of the globe.

From the very start, our aim was to deliver a comprehensive online gaming solution with the feel of a genuine brick-and-mortar casino that players can access from the freedom of their own living space.

Our Business

Rich Casino players can choose from an extensive range of online casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, electronic roulette, live dealer games, poker, roulette and slot machines. To accompany this, we offer industry-leading levels of customer care with 24/7 support, banking, special promotions, bonuses, VIP services and special games.

The Rich Casino brand has been a trusted name since 1999 and our greatest concern is that we maintain the high levels of service that our customers have come to expect.

Our Vision

From the outset, our vision was of an online gaming platform that surpasses every other in the industry today. Our team of highly skilled designers and developers was selected for their abilities to expand the possibilities offered by regular online casinos in order to offer a the most state of the art, exhilarating gaming experience possible!

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission has been to re-create the look and feel of a real casino’s gaming environment within the security and comfort of their own surroundings. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and our LiveHelp service is there to provide round-the-clock support with any questions or issues that our players may experience.

Our Strategy

Our vision and mission have been the basis on which we built our strategy from day-one. The main strategies that we adopt to maintain our success include:

• Using our business intelligence units to drive performance

• The creation of exclusive, innovative products for our customers

• The delivery of a multi-platform product that functions equally well across all devices

• The use of the most advanced technologies in the design and development of our product

Paving the Way to Success

At Rich Casino, we have had to work hard to get where we are today and that is down to the fact that our team is the hardest working in the business. This is basis of our success and we constantly thrive to evolve and improve in order to meet the high standards that we impose upon ourselves.

Making it Happen

At Rich Casino, we realize that change and innovation are essential if you are to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing online gaming market. In order to grow with the rapidly-changing needs of our customers, we must stay one step ahead by pushing boundaries and constantly researching their requirements and current market trends.

Supporting Our Colleagues

We understand that in order to maintain our company’s success, we must recognize the individual skills, contributions and expertise of our team members. We make sure our team members are rewarded for the invaluable roles they play in support of one-another as this is fundamental to their individual happiness and our company’s growth.

At Rich Casino, we believe that our customers should be offered the best gaming experience whilst we sustain a community-oriented and responsible methodology.

We believe that all gaming services providers must take the responsibility towards their customers extremely seriously, and we understand how easily gaming addiction can develop from simple entertainment. This responsibility means that we must ensure a safe and entertaining gaming environment at all times and help our customers to maintain control when playing at our casino.

We adhere to three principles to ensure that we meet the highest responsible gaming standards possible:

Helping customers stay in control

We are aware that when games start to be all about the money, soon a little bit of fun can turn into a serious addiction. We will always put our customers first, and as such we do our utmost to ensure they stay out of harm’s way by offering all the necessary resources they need to maintain control and keep their gaming on an entertainment-only basis.

Working with the Best Specialists

We are partnered with some of the top specialists in the industry and believe that this enables us to be best prepared for working with vulnerable customers.

Evaluating our performance

Our responsible gaming performance is measured and reviewed each day to ensure that we are reaching our goals. Should we feel our responsible gaming policy does not meet our customers’ needs, our strategy will be re-planned and revised accordingly.